My colleagues in the Government Contracts Bar and I get asked all the time “how do I find the right lawyer for my growing government contracting company?”  This is a challenging, gut-wrenching question that entrepreneurs and executives agonize over.  A lot rides on the decision.  Are you ready to move to the next level?  Graduating from the 8(a) program in the coming years?  Are you preparing for eventual sale?  Or are you getting big enough that competitors and former employees are starting to notice and bring nuisance suits?  You need a lawyer, but how to choose?  This five-part series will help answer the questions “how do I know what lawyer is right for me?” by breaking the analysis down into vitally important component parts.


The first and foremost question to ask is whether the lawyer understands your business.  There are many ways to understand the business, but one of the easiest ways to assess your potential lawyer’s “business chops” is to see if he or she has spent time outside of the law.  Has he or she worked as a contractor?  Spent B&P time and resources on a major effort?  Serviced government client needs?  Been face-to-face with a government customer, managed their concerns, and won them over?  Grown a business line?  These lawyers are more likely to be able to advise you about the risks you need to know, but then focus on helping you with the business strategies you need to succeed. 

Stay Tuned for Question 2…