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Welcome to the Government Contracts Legal Forum, a new blog that we hope will serve as a meeting place for discussions of cutting-edge government contract issues.

More than 50 Crowell & Moring Government Contract Group attorneys are undertaking this blog as way to help identify issues and advance discussion of topics of great importance to the government contracts community — from bid protests to insourcing. And we’re at no shortage for important issues to address.

Contractors are fulfilling their missions at a time when the stakes couldn’t be higher and the issues have never been as complex. Government officials are under incredible pressure to manage contracts for success. The future of government contracting is taking shape now, and the Forum will discuss issues in real time and raise questions on initiatives that may impact your business. We also hope to bring you regular Q&As with government contract thought leaders, as well as an occasional guest author from industry.

Of course, the nature of a blog does not give us the opportunity to provide the in-depth and, admittedly, often lengthy insight that lawyers so love to give. Many of the topics the GCL Forum will cover must be addressed in much deeper ways offline, as companies and procurement officials work to develop the right strategies and solutions that far exceed the scope of an online article. But, it’s our hope that the GCL Forum will provide you a sort of home base to read about and address the legal issues that affect government contractors and the important roles they serve.

There are many ways to access the Forum. Over on the left, you may notice that you can subscribe by email. You can also subscribe via our RSS feed. If there is a particular author that you prefer to read, you can also sign up for that author’s RSS feed on the individual author page.

Thanks for visiting. Now, let’s get started. What do you want to discuss?

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