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In this episode, hosts Mana Lombardo and Jason Crawford talk with Gail Zirkelbach, partner in the firm’s Government Contracts Group and vice-chair of the Investigations practice, about practical tips for managing internal False Claims Act Investigations. “Let’s Talk FCA” is Crowell & Moring’s podcast covering the latest developments with the False Claims Act. | PodBean | SoundCloud | iTunes 

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This week it was reported that Indian police arrested four people accused of leaking a pre-release episode of the blockbuster HBO show, “Game of Thrones.”  The leak is supposedly the result of employees from a Mumbai-based company that stores and processes the series for the Indian streaming website Hotstar.

These arrests—which appear unrelated to the recent and well-publicized corporate hack of HBO—underscore the challenges that businesses operating around the world face in safeguarding their intellectual property in the supply chain.  Many corporations rely on third party vendors to deliver their business services and products—in this instance television content—around the world.  Yet, the security capabilities of these vendors varies widely, which is why companies can and should take key steps to protect their sensitive information as they share it with these third parties.

The two primary threats that third party vendors pose to companies are: (1) ensuring strong cybersecurity protections to mitigate the chance of a damaging hack; and (2) minimizing the chance of theft of sensitive business information by insiders with access.  To address these concerns, companies should consider the following.

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We’ve wrapped up our preview posts, which gave a sneak peek at just a few of tomorrow and Friday’s OOPS panels, including investigations, privacy and cybersecurity, international procurement, and cost and pricing issues.

It’s not too late to register for the event! Click here for details and directions.

We’ll see you tomorrow at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C.! The full agenda can be viewed here.


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Although companies often conduct internal investigations in the normal course of business, recent developments suggest that companies need to reconsider certain aspects of how they structure their investigations to avoid potential new downfalls.  On May 4, 2017 at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, Crowell & Moring attorneys Gail Zirkelbach, Steve Byers, Jacintha Alves and Judy Choi will highlight some of these new developments and provide practical advice on the steps companies should take in conducting their internal investigations as a result. Specifically, the panel will discuss:

  • The increased focus on the individual;
  • The additional potential for criminal referrals;
  • Recent decisions on the scope of the attorney client privilege; and
  • New document preservation considerations.

For more information and to register for OOPS, please click here.

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Hosting and moderating a lunch event Mar 13, 12pm, at Shulman Rogers on investigations in difficult environments featuring senior investigations counsel of SIGAR followed by panel discussion. CLE audio link also available. Click here or contact me for more info.