Photo of Jonathan T. Linde

Jonathan T. Linde is a senior counsel in Crowell & Moring's DC office. A former USAF officer and senior regulatory counsel for a major U.S. airline, Jonathan's clients have included U.S. and foreign airlines, Part 135 charter operators, indirect air carriers, aircraft manufacturers, and aerospace companies. Jonathan counsels clients on a wide range of aviation matters, including DOT, FAA, and TSA investigations and enforcement proceedings; DOT consumer protection rules (e.g., tarmac delay regulations, advertising and disclosure rules, Part 382 and Air Carrier Access Act matters); FAA voluntary disclosures; NTSB proceedings and information requests; and DOT and FAA rulemakings.

Over recent months, NASA’s plan to replace the space shuttle with commercial space lift has encountered some turbulence. Optimists insist that NASA’s transition to commercially-operated manned spaceflight is inevitable given the ingenuity of public private partnerships, the remarkable opportunities for profit, and the lessons of history. While this may be true, the development of a robust, commercially-viable spaceflight industry involves substantial risk and numerous unknowns. This blog explores in broad strokes the current status and the potential future trajectory of the commercial space flight industry.

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