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The Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals published its FY2020 Report of Transactions and Proceedings, which provides statistics regarding the adjudication of appeals between contractors and the Army, Navy, Air Force, Corps of Engineers, CIA, NASA, DLA, DCMA, and other Defense agencies, Non-Appropriated Fund Instrumentalities, and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. According to this year’s report, the contractor prevailed in 53% of the appeals decided on the merits, up from 48% a year ago. The Report also indicates that, as usual, the Board had a high success rate in resolving matters via ADR. Of the cases that went through non-binding ADR, 85% were resolved successfully—including mediation, arbitration, and ADR of undocketed appeals—a good reminder to contractors and the Government that the Board’s successful ADR program remains an important tool to resolve disputes at the ASBCA.